About The Requiem:
How to Listen:

-Type ‘The Requiem Industrial Podcast’ into the iTunes store, click subscribe.

-New Shows are posted under the Listen Now section, this is a good way to listen if you do not have iTunes or an apple device.

-To listen on your Android device, we recommend The Belfry Network app (FREE), or Pocketcasts (3.99) to stream and download the latest episodes.

-The Requiem is a home for Vampires and Goths to call their own. Every Thursday, one of The Requiem’s DJ’s will deliver their black magic mixes. Join us, and find sanctuary. Welcome to the Shadows!


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What the Critics are Saying:
“DJ Count is an aristocrat of the dark realm, and a master of all trades in the musical underworld of goth and EBM. Behold “The Requiem”, a musical offering of dark and beautiful dimensions. The Requiem is an amalgam of Goth, sweet synthpop, pounding EBM, and viscous power noise, in uniquely themed episodes, or sometimes in a musical journey all in one episode. The Count is equally in his element with New Wave or ethereal as with the most devastating power noise. Past episodes are also worthy of exploration, some of which are classics of epic proportions.”

– by Club Poison


Free Downloads for the Masses:
Download a free Synthpop compilation from Synth Radio: Head Over Here.

Download the new Mecha[nized] compilation Head Over Here.

Download the new album from Systemshock Head Over Here.

Download the new album from Force of Nature Head Over Here.

Download the new EP from Novproc Head Over Here.

Download the ‘Census’ compilation album: Head Over Here.

Download Crunch Pod’s 2009 compilation here.

Download Bitch Brigades ‘Pastel Aggressive’ here.

Download the ‘Electronic Aid to Haiti’ promo pack here or buy it here.

Download VoidWork’s album ‘Horror’: Head Over Here.

Download Sturmreaktor’s new 6 track EP Head Over Here.

Download over 50 Wynardtage Remixes Head Over Here.

Download Bricks and Thunder by T-Faktor, a side project of Terrofakt frontman Benjamin DeWalt Head Over Here.

Download the new Dark Mourning compilation “Pulse” for free! Head Over Here.

Download free remixes of Informatik songs off the arena album. Head over here

Download free singles from the BOREDOMproduct music label. Head Over Here.

Download the new remix EP “Antitype RMX” from Neurobash Head Over Here.

Free Mordacious Download! New Material and Remixes. Did I mention it’s Free? Head Over Here.

Download a brand new Corvus Corax track made for the game Dragon Age Head over here

Download Free unreleased tracks and demos by Seventh Harmonic! Head Over Here.

Download the track “Pureblood” and several other tracks by Machine Rox. Head Over Here.

Download the free Genetic Defekt – Recovery Compilation for free. Head over here

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