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Blackout in the Bat House [EP.20]

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

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Black Out in The Bat House :20
Dj. ElyBat
1:Shadow Reichenstein-Bela was a junkie
2:Arts and Decay-eternal love
4:Bat Attakk-I showed my teeth on christmas eve
5:Escape with Romeo-Somebody
6:Black Atmosphere-clouds
7: 11 Desaparecidos-O.M.S (Organizacion Mundial de la Salud)
8:Buner Strasse-Le Retour Du Roi
9:Pink Turns Blue-walking on both sides
10:General Decay-to fall apart
11:Shadowhouse- a darkness
12: Fields of the Nephilim -volcane (mr. jealousy has returned)
13:Savage Republic-film noir


The Catacombs [EP.5]

Thursday, March 19th, 2015

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The Catacombs w/ DJ Gomez

1. Trance to the Sun- Homewrecker
2. Mephisto Walz- Watching from the Darkest Places
3. Stare- Introit
4. In The Nursery- Bombed
5. Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio- A World Not So Beautiful (A Song 4 The Emporer)
6. Black Tape for a Blue Girl- Shadow of a Doubt (Sonic Youth cover)
7. Play Dead- This Side of Heaven
8. Switchblade Symphony- Wallflower
9. Inkubus Sukkubus- Lily Bolane
10. Seraphim Shock- After Dark
11. Faith and the Muse- Scars Flown Proud
12. Fields of the Nephilim- For Her Light (Two)
13. Miranda Sex Garden- Sunshine
14. Rhea’s Obsession- Waves (Take Me Alive)

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Dark Industrial Frequencies [EP.46]

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

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DJ Depraved

1 Harm Joy – We Keep Circling (BZ Edit)
2 Disco Digitale – Night Sky
3 Second Version – Reagenz
4 Mondtraume – Far From Pain (Aesthetische Club Mix)

DJ infeKKtion

1 velvet acid christ-revolution 101
2 information society-let it burn
3 visage-hidden sign(RADIO EDIT)
4 leaether strip-turn ot stone

DJ Drag

1 nitzer ebb – murderous
2 HIV Positive – Body Electric
3 Front 242 – Headhunter (Funker Vogt Remix)
4 Orange sector – Der Machinist (Remix by Angstfakbrikk)
5 Die Krupps – Nocebo

DJ Dante’s Prayer

1 KMFDM – Amnesia
2 Ikon – Subversion III
3 Dust of Basement – Outside
4 Black Heaven – Without You

DJ Depraved

1 Blaqk Audio – Let’s Be Honest
2 Parralox – Super Magic (O-Phase Single Mix)
3 Chrom – We’ll Be Alone
4 De/Vision – Dress Me When I Bleed (Day by Day Mix)
5 S.P.O.C.K. – Neutral Zone


Stardust [ICM 123]

Thursday, March 5th, 2015

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1 – Shade – Gild the Mourn
2 – Symmetry – Ashton Nyte
3 – Broken Talk (ft. Alison Mosshart) – Gang of Four
4 – Mask and Equation – Retractor
5 – Ich bin das Feuer – Blutengel
6 – Shadow Wings – Second Version
7 – What I Want – Seelennacht
8 – A sea of Distance (rotersand remix) – Mondtraume
9 – Timephase (Nick Brennan REmix) – Noir
10 – L.O.I.C. – Sirus
11 – Unleash the Monster – Mordacious
12 – Dreizehn – Eisbrecher
13 – Flaming Drake – Qntal
14 – Living on Precarity – The Silence Industry
15 – Who is in my Temple – Gild the Mourn

dj coun

Podcast Awards!

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

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We made it to the finals! Please go to, select Cemetery Confessions under the Cultural / Arts category, enter your name/e-mail and then submit. You can vote once per day until March 24th. Every vote counts and your support is greatly appreciated!

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Cemetery Confessions 15 – Afro Goth

Monday, March 2nd, 2015

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This month we talk about becoming a goth at a late age, being goth in the 80’s, what to do if your parents reject you, and we have some movie and TV news. We review the new Blutengel album and for the philosophy corner we are talking about racism in and out of the goth scene.

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Our Guest:

Our guest this month is Quincy aka DJ Venux

We redefine goth. 20:00


Becoming Goth After 30 31:00

11 Things You’ll Understand as a Goth in the 80’s 43:00

How to Deal with Rejection by your Parents  53:40

Quick News:
New Dark Victorian Fantasy TV Show 1:10:00
Poe Must Die
Goth Killers 1:17:00
We say Goodbye to Don Hill and Steve Strange 1:20:00

Album Review: 1:22:00

Blutengel – Omen

Philosophy Corner: 1:51:20

We talk about racism within and out of the goth culutre, we talk about white privilege, we look at the term afro goth, and we talk about ways to be conscientious of other races.

Source 1
Source 2
Source 3
Source 4

Sinister Suggestion: 3:02:00

Goth: Identity, Style, and Subculture