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The Catacombs [EP.31]

Thursday, October 5th, 2017

The Catacombs w/ DJ Gomez

The Foreign Resort- Alone
The Exploding Boy- Human
Soft Kill- Wake Up
Drab Majesty- Cold Souls
Winter Severity Index- Waiting Room
Slowdive- Star Roving
Autumn’s Grey Solace- Fluttermoth
Makaras Pen- Sacrifice
The Twilight Garden- The Ice King
Jeff Runnings- Maze
Nothing- The Dead Are Dumb
Selebrities- Wither Away
Lush- Rosebud

The Catacombs [EP.30]

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017

The Catacombs with DJ Gomez

1. Faith Assembly- Redemption
2. Namnambulu- Mind
3. Elegant Machinery- Feel the Silence
4. Beborn Beton- Another World
5. Assemblage 23- The Last Mistake
6. Colony 5- Black
7. Edge of Dawn- Save My Soul
8. Syrian- Supernova
9. Grendel- Shortwired
10. Paradoxx (feat Andy Labb of Syrian)- Rocketship
11. Code 64- Stasis (radio edit)
12. Iris- Another Way
13. VNV Nation- Nova

The Catacombs [EP.29]

Thursday, August 3rd, 2017

The Catacombs w/ DJ Gomez

Rosetta Stone- The Witch
Danielle Dax- Cat House
The Sisters of Mercy- Vision Thing
Love and Rockets- Mirror People
Suspiria- Allegedly, Dancefloor Tragedy
The Jesus and Mary Chain- Coast to Coast
Die Laughing- Firedance
Paralysed Age- Bloodsucker
London After Midnight- Revenge
The Dense Society- Somewhere
Specimen- Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Love Like Blood- Kiss & Tell
Nosferatu- Torturous

Dark Industrial Frequencies [EP.73]

Sunday, July 16th, 2017

Blakk Glass – Trial

DJ Depraved
Chrom – Heavenly
Felix Marc – Winterwalk (2001 Falling Mix)
Massive Ego – Goodbye London
Zynic – Powered by Death
TOY – My Way To You

DJ Dante’s Prayer
Rein – Bruises
Binary Park – Your Own Great Nation
X-Marks the Pedwalk – Ghost
Dance With the Dead – The Man Who Made a Monster
Logic & Olivia – City of Fragrance (Dance Remix)

Kraftwerk – Computer Love (3-D)

Black Out in the Bat House [EP.37]

Monday, July 3rd, 2017

Black Out in the Bat House : Episode 37
Dj. Ely Bat
1:Merry’s Funeral- mutle metanet
2:Kissing the Pink – Watching the tears
3:Wieze Fabryk – front
4:Slimy Member-straight and upright
6:Bauhaus – dancing
7:She Past Away -katarsis
8:The Wraith – barbed wire somber
9:Red Zebra – behind bars
10:Scarlet’s Remains-cirular thoughts
11:Effigies- haunted town
12:Frio Y Vacio – Paralisis en mi cuerpo
13:The Candles Burning Blue – disco death

Post Punk Party 10

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

1 – Twist – The Veil
2 – Further – Soviet Soviet
3 – The Cross – Pawns
4 – No Other – The Ink Bats
5 – Flash – Mardou
6 – Crosses – Supernova 1006
7 – The Dead Souls – September
8 – All the People – Cult Club
9 – Run Away, Simon – Tearful Moon (feat This Cold Night)
10 – Railcar to Tasmania – Trance to the Sun
11 – Play with Lies – Cult Club
12 – Juniper – Of Mermaids
13 – Summer’s Oath – Communions
14 – Βραδιάζει – Cold i
15 – Czarna – Past
16 – Portland – The Electric West
17 – To You My Bliss – M!R!M
18 – Darker Still – Roadside Memorial
19 – Transition – A Projection
20 – Dealing With Demons – The Black Veils

Dark Industrial Frequencies [EP.72]

Sunday, June 11th, 2017

Friday, June 9, at the Korova Basement, 107 E Martin St San Antonio TX 78205, DJ Dante’s Prayer, DJ Depraved, and DJ Misery Machine are hosting Hexheart, with special guests Voicecoil and Blakk Glass, doors are 9PM, 18 to enter, 21 to drink, $10.00 at the door.

Ethyl Meatplow – Suck

DJ Depraved:
Erdling – Mein Element
3TEETH – Slave God
V2A – War Boy
Funker Vogt – Blut Unt Schmerz
Decoded Feedback – Strange Times

DJ Dante’s Prayer:
Night Club – Dear Enemy
William Control – All I Need
Scandroid – Rendevous
ARGH – Night of the Living Synth
Aestheische – In My Aurora

Lionhearts – The Ardent City

The Catacombs 10 Year Anniversary

Monday, May 22nd, 2017

The Catacombs w/ DJ Gomez “10 Year Anniversary Show”

1. Special intro from DJ Gomez
2. Rotersand- Exterminate Annihilate Destroy
3. Colony 5- Black (single edit)
4. Gothminister- Angel
5. Project Pitchfork- Timekiller
6. KMFDM- Anarchy
7. Skinny Puppy- Assimilate
8. Psyclon Nine- Divine Infekt
9. Funker Vogt- Friendly Fire
10. :wumpscut:- Remember One Thing
11. The Birthday Massacre- Happy Birthday
12. E Nomine- Das Omen Im Kreis des Bosen
13. Clan of Xymox- Jasmine and Rose
14. Blutengel- Seelenschmerz
15. Ashbury Heights- Spiders
16. Kite- Dance Again
17. Light Asylum- Heart of Dust
18. Hante.- Hate vs Love
19. Sixth June- Night Before
20. Qual- Benevolent Technologies
21. Drab Majesty- Entrance and Exits 22. She Past Away- Soluk
23. Winter Severity Index- Waiting Room
24. Cold Cave- Confetti
25. Geometric Vision- Think
26. Forever Grey- The Style is Death
27. Ash Code- Nite Rite

Dark Industrial Frequencies [EP.71]

Friday, May 12th, 2017

Mono Inc – Boatman (Feat. Ronan Harris)

DJ Depraved
Preemptive Strike 0.1 – More Than Flesh (Grendel Remix)
Seraphim System – Riot in Progress (Phosgore Remix)
ES23 – Get Out Of My Head
SITD – Zenit
Circuito Cerrado – Arrhythmia

DJ Dante’s Prayer
Distorted World – The Land of No Return (Leather Strip Remix)
Centhron – Blitzkrieg
Horskh – Engaged and Confused
Rein – Capitalism
V2A – Purge

Outtro Track:
Die Warzau – Never Again

The Catacombs [EP.26]

Thursday, May 4th, 2017

1. This Cold Night- Enigmatic Individual
2. Lebanon Hanover- Fall Industrial Wall
3. Double Echo- Playhouse
4. Plastique Noir- Rose of Flesh and Blood
5. Ritual Howls- Nervous Hands
6. Merciful Nuns- Radiation
7. Batzz in the Belfry- Come and Die
8. The House of Usher- Not Your Friend
9. The Beauty of Gemina- Bitter Sweet Goodbye
10. The Hearse- Dimming Moon
11. Skeleton Hands- Oxygen
12. The Agnes Circle- Porcelain
13. Geometric Vision- Think