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First a great big Gothy Thank You to Monica from Arizona for a very generous donation this week! You’re support is the reason this show continues to bring the best industrial and goth every week!

Welcome one and all to The Requiem’s special anniversary show! 4 years ago, the idea for this show was born in the form of a shoutcast station and a monthly torrent upload. After a year of unexpected success and positive feedback, The Requiem was created anew in podcast form.

You may be wondering what is so special about this week’s episode. Some of you may remember a little monthly show called ‘Midnight Mass’ which played to over 177,000 people on the Faction 6 Podcast. The episode you are about to hear is a long lost mix that was originally created for that show but never saw any public release. I am glad to be presenting this to you for the first time!

Finally, while The Requiem has undergone many changes and iterations, you, the listener base, has remained faithful. I am truly humbled and honored to have such faithful fans supporting the show and in turn, the underground scene. Thank you for all the years of support, and hopefully many more to come.

Stay Dark,
The Count

1 – Transparent frequencies – Evil’s toy
2 – Odyssey of Mind – Solitary Experiments
3 – Missing – Sero.Overdose
4 – Calling – Axoe
5 – Supernova – Syrian
6 – Downward Hymn – Noyce
7 – Beauty and Delight – Blutengel
8 – I Don’t Care (Decence Remix) – X-divide
9 – Oblivion v2 – Informatik
10 – Love my Way – Regenerator
11 – Ex-lle – Diary of Dreams
12 – Karmacoma – Noyce
13 – Traumfrau – And One

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