Black Out in the Bat House [EP.34]

compiled by Dj. Ely BaT

1:Love Like Blood – within the realm of a dying sun
2:Phantom Vision – millionaire
3:Belgrado – palac kultury
4:Psi com – hopeful
5:13th Chime – cursed
6:Rakta – take your time
7:Merry Thoughts – House Of Rain
8:Death Cult – gods zoo (These Times)
9:Musta Paraati – romanssi
10:T.S.O.L. – darker my love
11:Kommunity FK – anti-pop
12:Glorious Din – Tenement Roofs
13:She Past Away – sanri
14:X-Mal Deutschland – allein
15:Fangs on Fur – blood on the sand
16:Sovjet War – full control


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