Blackout in the Bat House [EP.20]

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Black Out in The Bat House :20
Dj. ElyBat
1:Shadow Reichenstein-Bela was a junkie
2:Arts and Decay-eternal love
4:Bat Attakk-I showed my teeth on christmas eve
5:Escape with Romeo-Somebody
6:Black Atmosphere-clouds
7: 11 Desaparecidos-O.M.S (Organizacion Mundial de la Salud)
8:Buner Strasse-Le Retour Du Roi
9:Pink Turns Blue-walking on both sides
10:General Decay-to fall apart
11:Shadowhouse- a darkness
12: Fields of the Nephilim -volcane (mr. jealousy has returned)
13:Savage Republic-film noir


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