Blackout in the Bat House [EP.22]

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Black Out in the Bat House : Episode 22

Dj. Ely Bat


1: Hearts Fail- seperate
2: Mode Moderne- radioheartbeat
3: Intimate Obsessions – Assassin
4: Norma Loy- T Vision
5: Los Carniceros del Norte- Veneno Para Las Hadas
6: Geometric Vision- Solitude Of The Trees
7: The Bolshoi- Looking for a Life to Lose
8: Lung Overcoat -life in holes
9: T.S.O.L. – Wash Away
10:Annex – Caminos
11:The Show – My Sensation
12:Leningrad Sandwich – marching
13:Babel 17 – Bittersweetness


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