Cemetery Confessions 5 – Defining Goth

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What Are You Drinking:

Fire and blood by Ommegang
Dark Truth Stout by Boulevard Brewing


Afro Goth
Graveyard Sim
Underworld Next Generation
A Republican Vampire

Album Review:

Diary of Dreams – Elegies in Darkness

Philosophy Corner:

Defining Goth:
Nephelim’s Video Definition

  1. a social departure from the mainstream
  2. an aspect of morbidity, an appreciation for and expression of the macabre
  3. embracing darkness (manifest as the color black or more creatively as dark moods and dark humor)
  4. a sense of mystery, madness or the arcane
  5. 5. an active pursuit of making these things a part of one’s daily life

Count’s Definition:
Goth is a state of being that embraces what the mainstream shuns, a view of life that emphasizes the world of night. “romance is at the heart of being a goth and consequently tragedy is always a sigh away.” It’s not just about death, but a refined sensitivity to life, and an ability to appreciate the shadowy elements that much of society is busy ignoring. To be goth is to be true to yourself, both internally and externally, to recognize we are all bound for the grave, that no one deserves to be persecuted for being true to themselves, and to live everyday as you are, a goth.

Movie Review:

The Raven

Sinister Suggestions:

Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines
Dances of Vice

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