Dark Industrial Frequencies [EP.11]

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Oooh so I get to torture you guys twice this month! Either way, I had been listening to a bit of metal and industrial metal, and since I otherwise have nothing else new to play with, this is what you get this time. Look for DJ Infernal Robot to do a guest slot on my show next month, I almost raced him an email about it tonight but I have metal on the mind instead of concetrating on an electro/dubstep show. Enjoy!

Dope Stars Inc. – Braindamabe (Scumsuckers Mix by Mortis)
Nine Inch Nails – Meet Your Master (The Faint Remix)
Kililng Joke – Asteroid
KMFDM – Viva La Mort!
Ohgr – Sleep
Hate Dept. – Just Say No to Love
Bile – Legion
Helrunar – Iss
Acumen Nation – Knowing This…
Ministry – Fear (Is Big Business)
The LoveCrave – Thriller
Godhead – Break You Down
16 Volt – Blackbird (The Gunnery Remix)
Project Pitchfork – The Future is Now
Letze Instanz – Herzdame
Corvus Corax – Saum Elle Ires

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