Dark Industrial Frequencies [EP.41]

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DIF2DJ Depraved
Nolongerhuman – Modern Narcissus
A7IE – The Cage (X-Mix by X-FUsion)
Agonoize – Numinos (In the Name of God)
E-Craft – Something to Eat

DJ Infekktion
dawn of ashes-flatline
god module-destroy the day
suicide commando-die motherfucker die modulate remix
unter null-your nightmare(manufactura mix)


Dj Draggy mix:
Kant Kino – Owner Of This House
Level 2.0 – Rivet
Implant – Nothing Left To Kill

DJ Depraved
Glis – Disappear!
Culture Kultur – THe ANalyst
Absurd Minds – Herzlos
Girls Under Glass – In My Dream
The Parallel Project – Dissolve (Feat. Jennifer Parkin of Ayria)
X Marks the Pedwalk – I See You

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