Dark Industrial Frequencies [EP.24]

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If you’re in the San Antonio, TX area and are bored on Thursday nights, be bored no more! DJ Depraved plays pretty regularily at Fitzgerald’s at a new weekly event called Dark Dance Thursdays. https://www.facebook.com/DarkDanceThursdays

Suicidial Romance – One Love
Painbastard – System Failed (SD-RAM Mix)
Mordacious – Get Over It
Wynardtage – Nothing (Like a Prostitute)
Detroit Diesel – Black Flag (The New Black Remix by SURGYN)
A7IE – Malade (Remixed by Detroit Diesel)
Blackopz – Its Not Human V2.0
God Destruction – Decome Death (Re-Destructed by Mas-Si-Osare)
Souless Affection – Enemy
iVardensphere – The Source of Uncertainty (The Hexensphere by Hex Rx)
Sleetgrout – Stay (Ft. Damien Marquez)
Nothing Nada – Violence (Ft. Linda Daemon)
Be My Enemy – Straight from the Heart

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