Dark Industrial Frequencies [EP.34]

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remember, if you’re in the san antonio area, we have god module coming through with several acts on feb 28th, 10 dollars for 21+ at limelight. also on march 22, we have the last cry and strap on halo at the korova, all ages, 10 dollars! happy birthday to dj vampire kiss, hope your club night went well! subscribe to us on itunes if you haven’t already, and give us a good rating, and if you haven’t already, hit the donate button on www.therequiem.net and give us booze money!

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God Module, The Witch Was Righ, Mordacious, Chamber of Echos, and Heart Attak!

The Last Cry & Strap on Halo


dj depraved
suicide commando – unterwelt (nitronoise remix)
esa – no one will ever touch you (in the anus mix by WASTE)
black opz – business as usual

dj dante’s prayer
culture kulture – promised land blues
soil and eclipse – the will(survival mix)
Suicidal romance – our game

dj draggy
fetish factory-pretty addicted
the day you die-readjust
vault 113-vampire faces

dj infekktion
die sektor-beneath
nitro noise-built for war
hex rx-serial hex addict

dj depraved
icon of coil – repeat it (apoptygma berzerk remix)
imperative reaction – further to fall
assemblage 23 – let the wind erase me
apoptygma berzerk – suffer in silence

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