Dark Industrial Frequencies [EP.40]

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the entire crew is back! we brought you some of the newest in ebm and industrial with some classics, hope you enjoy. hit the donate button on www.therequiem.net and give us booze money, and also, get on itunes and give us a good rating!

dj depraved
avarive in audio – frostbite (studio-x club mix)
ruined conflit – abandoned
mr. kitty – black truth
machinista – molecules and carbon (extended version)
surveillance – rise (aesthetic perfection remix)

dj dante’s prayer
mr kitty heaven
tristesse de la lune- my toy
god module-through the noise
solar fake-more than this

dj infekktion
ghost format-aftertaste
sin dna-become chaos
decoded feedback-its you
project pitchfork-rain

dj draggy
pretty addicted – filthy whore mouth
centhron – bitch of dreams
engelmacher – carrion (gutted mix by 8khz mono)
8khz mono – heavy water
mind.in.a.box – sanctuary (club mix)

dj depraved
and one – s.t.o.p. the sun
assemblage 23 – ground (album version)
seabound – hooked

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