Dark Industrial Frequencies [EP.64]

Dark Industrial Frequencies is back, just because fall is coming doesn’t mean we don’t have the hottest new EBM, Industrial, and Synthpop tracks out there! Check us out on Facebook, DJ Depraved, DJ Dante’s Prayer, Tanz Der Nacht, and The Retro Division.

DJ Depraved:
01: Mesh – The Last One Standing (Looking Skyward)
02: Chrom – Visions (Blutengel Remix) (Peak & Decay)
03: Aesthetic Perfection – LAX (Mr Kitty Remix) (LAX CDS)
04: Dismantled – The Hero (FEED.RMX) (The Hero)
05: Fredrik Croona – Suffer in Silence (Feat. Konclever) (Welcome Home)
06: Covenant – Sound Mirrors (Sound Mirrors CDS)

DJ Dante’s Prayer:
01: Nyves – Just Give Up
02: The New Division – Saturday Night
03: Assemblage 23 – Barren
04: Alien Vampires – You wish me dead get in line(stereo sin remix)
05: Zombie Girl – Rave of the Dead(pre-emptive strike(0.1 Remix)
06: Entrzelle – Stormchaser(avarice in audio remix)

Ending with:
And One – Sometimes (Nordhausen)


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