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Welcome to the 1 year anniversary of The Requiem! To celebrate this event I will be uploading 2 separate episodes. Instead of making a new mega mix, I decided to go a different route and showcase what makes this podcast so unique from its other Industrial peers. The beauty of this podcast, is that it focuses on other aspects of the Goth music scene, and these two episodes will do just that.

The sun has set, your world now encased in darkness, and you emerge. These bloody streets are your playground, you are the hunter and desire is your mistress. Nothing but blood, that sweet life nectar, can quench your thirst. And oh yes, your lust will be slaked.

Enter the underbelly of a world unknown to the rest of humanity, where bloodthirsty ancients struggle for power in the darkness of the city streets. While we immortals struggle to hold onto our last shreds of humanity without going hungry.

A balanced blend of ambient melodies will be your guide this night. From moody and haunting soundscapes for you to explore every last twisted corner of the city. To seedy dance tunes perfect for the most decadent club and bar. The possibilities are endless as you rise and wander tonight.

A wonderful mix for role playing or long twilight walks as you hunt your prey. Moody and atmospheric with a healthy helping of decadence.

Tonight, your darkest desires are your only limit.

Join the danse Macabre
Walk the city streets of decay
Let street lights and blood stained pavement guide you
Inhale the cool air
Wander between the shadows of buildings from an era now passed
More than one dark entity waits for you, lurking in the shadows
Feel the coarse city invade you
Let the gritty underworld overtake you
Can you smell the fear bellow the surface
Can you taste the blood on the air
Decrepit towers of greed and power tower above you
Streets of filth and hidden dangers consume you
A victim or a hunter, this night has no mercy
Clubs, whores, gangs, welcome to evils playground
Lust and bloodletting will be the least of your sins before the night is out
Find your place among the hidden powers
Amongst the secret societies that pull the strings of humanity
Welcome to the shadows.

1 – Angel – Massive Attack
2 – Santa Monica Theme from Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines
3 – Cain – Tiamat
4 – Bloodlines – Ministry
5 – Lecher Bitch – Genitorturers
6 – Hollywood Theme – V:tMB
7 – Rumors of Angels – Diary of Dreams
8 – Moldy old World From V:tMB
9 – A Smaller God – Darling Violetta
10 – Isolated – Chiasm
11 -Downtown Theme V:tMB
12 – Why Won’t you Die – Korn
13 – Colder and Colder – Sara Noxx
14 – Tight Rope – Lacuna Coil

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