DJ Count’s Midnight Mass [EP 3]

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Midnight Mass is a monthly Goth/industrial podcast mixed byDJ Count. You will hear an infusion of atmosphere, ambiance, and a theme into each mix. Therefore, it is not just music, but an experience. The idea behind Midnight Mass is this; a gathering of all the black sheep, the rejected, the neglected. Conjoining together, “in black communion. Beneath the glow of the moon, and upon the graves of the dead.” This show is best enjoyed after sunset.

Episode 3 (Machines Vs. Humans)
This episode it’s flesh against mechanization. Welcome to post apocalypse; rising from the ashes are highly evolved machines seeking to usurp the last few mortals clinging to their sanity. So here we stand, within desolated streets, locked in a bloody battle for control, machines fighting to make slaves of anything with a pulse. Who will prevail?
1 – Mask – Soman
2 – Straftanz(West) – Straftanz
3 – Toccata del Terrore – Noisuf-X
4 – Fuck that Shit – CombiChrist
5 – Bleeder (Industrial Strength Mix By Seb) – Zombie Girl
6 – Rave to the Grave – Alien Vampires
7 – New Flesh – Grendel
8 – Under The Gun (Cal50 Remix By X-Fusion) – Run Level Zero
9 – Lass Uns Tanzen (Radio Edit) – Scooter
10 – Forever(Radio Edit) – Apoptygma Berzerk
11 – Eternal Eternity – Angles & Agony
12 – Dead Enough For Life- Icon of Coil
13 – Cold World – Bridgeshadows
14 – Human – Aesthetic Perfection

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