Grave Dance [EP.1]

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Thanks to Meradath for the 5 star iTunes review!

1. Lestat- Realm
2. Diva Destruction- Kiss The Stars
3. Katzenjammer Kabarett- Eve At The Mansion
4. Novocaine Mauseleum- Night
5. Entertainment- A Seduction Walks
6. Neitzsche’s Bitch- God Is Dead
7. The Mescaline Babies- Skeleton Kids (Demo)
8. The Vanishing- White Walls
9. Spectre Theatre- Casket Call
10. The Cemetary Girlz- Broken Teeth
11. Dead Pop- Body Hollow
12. Kiss The Blade- Head and Heart
13. Mephisto Walz- Alexandria
14. Plastique Noir- A Dream
15. Inkubus Sukkbus- Night Angel
16. Reliquary- Lost In Thought
17. Bella Lune-Full Moon Half Night
18. Mira- Divine

One Response to “Grave Dance [EP.1]”

  1. This set is sexy hot!!!! Makes me miss my mohawk and eyeliner hard!!!!