Grave Dance [EP.2]

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1. Cyteres- Mortal De Cyteres
2. (((S)))- Lonely Is The Lighthouse
3. O. Children- Dead Disco Dancer
4. Lotus Feed- King For Two Days
5. Wailing Wall- Dancing In The Aftermath
6. Screaming Banshee Aircrew- Cool Ghoul Band
7. The Cemetary Girlz- Broken Teeth
8. Sleeping Children- Lili’s Dead
9. Hemendex- Made Of Plastic (7″ Version)
10. Rhombus- Love You Till Closing Time
11. Solemn Novena- Dreamer
12. Snake Dance- Fall From Grace
13. Angels Of Liberty- Monster In Me
14. The Drowning Season- Resurrection
15. Miserylab- Fraud
16. Dream Affair- Endless Days
17. Velvet Condom- Samt Und Stein

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