Grave Dance [EP.5]

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1. Asylum- Deeper & Deeper
2. Fading Colours- Colours
3. Dead Souls Rising- Sin
4. Angels Of Liberty- Black Madonna
5. Libitina- Fragility Of Self
6. The Shadow Dance- Last Train
7. Xmal Deutschland- Sickle Moon (12″ Remix)
8. Louis Pavlou- Break It
9. Segundo Inverno- Libertinos
10. Pins & Needles- TAG
11. Press Gang Metropol- Answers
12. Poeme Electronique- Rendezvous

One Response to “Grave Dance [EP.5]”

  1. Vash says:

    The perfect end to a long holiday weekend with ‘the family’. I greatly look forward to upcoming episodes as the year draws to a close and 2012 draws ever closer.