Grave Dance [EP.7]

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1. Soriah (w/ Ashkelon Sain)- Tonacayotica (Remix)
2. Pretentious, Moi?- Faith & Reason
3. Autumn- How It Came To Be This Way
4. Euroshima- Silencio Entre Nosotros
5. Every New Dead Ghost- Not In A Lifetime
6. Ulterior- The Emptiness We Share
7. Remembrance- Your Sex, My Agony
8. Rubella Ballet- Tangled Web
9. Closterkeller- Czerwone Wino
10. Sleeping Children- No Love For The Dead
11. The Red Crayon Aristocrat Club- Jule’s Memories
12. Magenta- Eccentricity
13. Medicine- Time Baby II

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