The Catacombs 10 Year Anniversary

The Catacombs w/ DJ Gomez “10 Year Anniversary Show”

1. Special intro from DJ Gomez
2. Rotersand- Exterminate Annihilate Destroy
3. Colony 5- Black (single edit)
4. Gothminister- Angel
5. Project Pitchfork- Timekiller
6. KMFDM- Anarchy
7. Skinny Puppy- Assimilate
8. Psyclon Nine- Divine Infekt
9. Funker Vogt- Friendly Fire
10. :wumpscut:- Remember One Thing
11. The Birthday Massacre- Happy Birthday
12. E Nomine- Das Omen Im Kreis des Bosen
13. Clan of Xymox- Jasmine and Rose
14. Blutengel- Seelenschmerz
15. Ashbury Heights- Spiders
16. Kite- Dance Again
17. Light Asylum- Heart of Dust
18. Hante.- Hate vs Love
19. Sixth June- Night Before
20. Qual- Benevolent Technologies
21. Drab Majesty- Entrance and Exits 22. She Past Away- Soluk
23. Winter Severity Index- Waiting Room
24. Cold Cave- Confetti
25. Geometric Vision- Think
26. Forever Grey- The Style is Death
27. Ash Code- Nite Rite

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