The Catacombs 12

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The Catacombs w/ DJ Gomez

1. Diary of Dreams- The Luxury of Insanity
2. L’ame Immortelle- Komm Zu Mir
3. Black Heaven- The Smell of Suicide
4. Tristesse De La Lune- Ninive
5. Suicidal Romance- Not Alone
6. The Rain Within- Long Way Home
7. Ego Likeness- Breedless
8. Anders Manga- There Will Be Blood
9. Blutengel- Wir Sind Was Wir Sind
10. Points of Dew- When Love Goes Blind
11. Clan of Xymox- Emily
12. Fr/Action- The Living and the Dead
13. Phantom Vision- The Darkest Skies

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  1. greyhead says:

    how i can download this episode?