The Confessional [EP.20]

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Welcome to the 2nd Anniversary of The Requiem’s reformation. The 20th official episode of The Confessional is more of a guitar heavy mix while still showcasing those nice odd electronic sounds I have come to love over the years. Stop by and like me @ and don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast via iTunes where you can catch all the other great DJs that grace our “stage”. Enjoy the show!

1. Sweet Candy Bullets (TSIDMZ Remix) ~ Chemical Waves
2. Poczucie Zagrozenia ~ Wieze Fabryk
3. …Algorithm Of None ~ Aeon Sable
4. Living By Proxy ~ Cauda Pavonis
5. Thrill B ~ Curious
6. To Woke ~ Christine Plays Viola
7. A Prayer To The Rainbow ~ Melanculia
8. Heroine ~ Brotherhood
9. Dance To The Rhythm Of Lead ~ Twinmachine
10. Prudence ~ Golden Apes
11. (I Just) Died in Your Arms Tonight ~ Déesse
12. Black Gold ~ Tiny Boys
13. Suburbs ~ Defekt 86
14. Opening Act (Evol Temptation Mix) ~ The Foreign Resort
15. You Can See Through Me ~ The Bellwether Syndicate

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