The Confessional [EP.30]

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How long has it been since your last Confessional? Far too long!!! Welcome to The Confessional 30. This episode is brought to you by Cemetery Confessions where DjDirtyMessiah’s alter ego, Moose, makes a guest appearance and reads some bitches to filth and some big announcements are made! And now, Welcome to the shadows!!!

1. The Woodsman and the Serpent ~ iVardenshpere
2. Deep Sleep ~ Animal Bodies
3. Tiny Boy ~ The Rezillos
4. Magic Dance ~ Dead When I Found Her
5. Shining Star (People Theatre’s Paradize mix) ~ Spreading Point
6. Refuge (Ashbury Heights Remix) ~ Client
7. Somewhere Must Be Heaven (DJ Ram Remix) ~ Perfidious Words
8. Goodbye (People Theatre Left Mix) ~ Vanguard
9. I Knew ~
10. Ultrasweaty ~ The Gothsicles
11. Can the Heart Be Saved ~ Berlyn Trilogy
12. Silence (Frozen Plasma Remix) ~ Neuroticfish
13. It’s Ours ~ Kite
14. Enter the Wastelands ~ Advance
15. Let Me Go ~ Beyond Obsession

the confessional temp

One Response to “The Confessional [EP.30]”

  1. Aztraeia says:

    As a hard of hearing person on the range closer to being completely deaf, listening to this music had me thinking that if it’s turned up loud enough to the point the walls shake, it’d be a really awesome dance music for the deaf and hard of hearing people to dance to. Maybe some lyrics study to help coreograph the dance appropriately. And when I do hear the voices, it does sound beautiful very talented.

    ~Aztraeia <3