The Reqiem Presents: Digital Blasphemy

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A special guest episode of Digital Blasphemy with DJ David Synner!

Absynth Backlash, Crawling in the Dirt, Swimming in a Lake of Lies
Artificial Organic, Age of Descent
VNV Nation, Electronaut
Crucifixion Machine, Angel Blade Mixtress
Demonatrix, We Must Feed on Life Force
Assemblage 23, Light
Artificial Organic, EBM Blues
Cybershroom, Clusterfuck
Absynth Backlash, Buried Alive
Combichrist, All your bass belongs to us
Crucifixion Machine, No Sin No Redemption
DJ 501, The Electronic Alien
Assemblage 23, Greed [KMFDM, Orifice remix]
Subliminal Code, Lost in Loneliness
Dreg, “Track Eleven”
Combichrist, Electrohead
Front 242, Circling Overland

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