The Requiem Presents: DJ Gomez

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1. Soil and Eclipse- Elysium Rain
2. :Wumpscut:- Burial on Demand
3. Stray- Remember Me
4. Gary Numan- Big Noise Transmission
5. Chainsuck- Pornstar
6. Leaether Strip- Bite Until You Taste Blood
7. Android Lust- Suffer the Flesh
8. Graeme Revell- Camera Obscura
9. Heimataerde- Dark Dance
10. Suicidal Romance- Not Alone
11. Trust- Shoom
12. Clan of Xymox- Emily
13. Diva Destruction- Run Cold
14. Red Flag- Doom and Gloom (2010 AD)
15. Cyan Inc- Midas Touch
16. Kirlian Camera- Nightglory
17. Das Ich- Destillat

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