The Requiem Presents: DJ Gomez

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1. The Essence- Only for You
2. Red Lorry Yellow Lorry- Hollow Eyes
3. The Young Gods- Skinflowers
4. Seraphim Shock- After Dark
5. Faith and the Muse- When We Go Dark
6. Rosetta Stone- The Witch
7. Scarlet’s Remains- Far From Paradise
8. Corpus Delicti- …of All Desperations
9. Cold Cave- Catacombs
10. WEEP- Let Me
11. Suspiria- Allegedy, Dancefloor Tragedy
12. She Past Away- Kasvetli Kutlama
13. The Caves- The Way It Is
14. Cinema Strange- Nightfalls
15. Grooving in Green- A New Vessel

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