The Requiem Presents: DJ Venux

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W.A.S.T.E. – Efficient Ways of Killing Mass Amounts of Motherfuckers (A Silent Mantra of Rage).
Phosgore – Killerhertz [HD]
Sthilmann – Fcukin’ Evil
Shiv-R – Burning Chrome
X-Rx – Industrial Rave Revolution
Nullvektor – Rückwirkung
Nachtmahr – Endzeitstimmung
Noisuf-X – Deutschland braucht Bewegung
Alien Vampires-harsh and rotten
Noisuf-X – Krach Bumm
Soman – Noise Anthem ( Infacted Version )
Paradoxie – Killer Noise
Noisuf-X – Clubhit [HD]
SAM – Bull Fucking Shit [HD]
Alien Vampires – Fucked On LSD
Paradoxie – Der Tod [HD]
Enzyme X – Taboo
Phosgore – Demon Core
Enzyme X – The Rosy-Lipped Batfish
Organic Cage – Immune Nutrition
Terrorfakt – Skullfucker
Paradoxie – Indoxication
Prometheus Burning – Significantly Altered
Enzyme X – Prankster
Prometheus Burning – Some things are meant to stay broken
Nachtmahr – Katharsis (Xotox Mix)


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  1. Outstanding episode!!