Finances and Donations

This week I am casually asking for those who can help keep this podcast running through monetary means, to donate.

The last two years I have dedicated my time and money to bring you the latest and greatest Industrial and Goth music. Your feedback and support has been incredible and is what has driven me to keep producing quality mixes. Very recently I received some donations via a very supportive listener. With the money I received I was able to build and pay for the launch of this website.

So lets get to what exactly this money would be used for. The first is the a fore mentioned website. While it is new and shiny, I now have a monthly bill to keep it up and running. The second is music. While I do receive promo tracks here and there, the majority of the music you hear on the show is purchased with my own money, which is about $15 dollars a week. Finally, if in the future I receive enough donations or save enough money, I plan on switching podcast hosters. What this will provide me is the ability to have an album image show up next to the episode on your iPod, the ability to separate tracks by title and artists, and a few other perks. In order to do this I’ll need about $200 dollars to transfer all previous shows over to the new host. I am not asking for anyone to fund this, just sharing the pipe dream.

To donate, simply click the “Donate” button located on the home page.

In closing, if I don’t receive a single donation, it won’t matter. Your comments and letters are satisfaction enough. My love for the music, the scene, and my listeners is what keeps me going every week and I can’t thank you all enough for the support you have shown thus far.

So please, keep enjoying the music, the free downloads, the videos, and most importantly, support the artists which make this show possible. With your subscriptions and word of mouth we are slowly spreading our scene to the world one person at a time. So keep listening, keep dancing, and stay dark!

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