Grave Dance [EP.3]

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1. Euroshima- El Mira Y Se Va
2. Miguel & The Living Dead- Night Of Terror
3. Deadbeats- Movin’ On In
4. Lichtblick- Intensivstation
5. Death Formation- Fucking Illusions
6. Guilty Strangers- Crooked Blinds
7. The Dead Jivaro- Inconscient
8. Le Vene Di Lucretia- Le Vene Di Lucretia
9. Faith & The Muse- Sovereign
10. Funhouse- Out Of The Blue
11. Frustration- No Trouble
12. New Days Delay- Automotiv
13. Cosmic Hula Radiators- Gefuhlschaos Im Bauch
14. Lebanon Hanover- Die World
15. Cocteau Twins- Blind Dumb Deaf
16. Action Pact!- Gothic Party Time

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