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The moment you’ve been waiting for is here! The bat is finally out of the bag!

The shows format is changing. The Count has hand picked a small group of DJ’s to add to the show! Each week you will experience the vision of a new DJ. Each show will be unique, covering the full spectrum of the underground scene.

The new format is launching with DJDirtyMessiah, DJ Wyntre Mysteria, and DJ Depraved. There may be more added in the future, and all the DJ’s and their bios can be found on the website.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the new format, and as always, your feedback is appreciated!

Thanks Todd for your donation this week!

1 – Silent Dawn (single edit) – Daybehavior
2 – Pale – The Birthday Massacre
3 – Fiction – Krystal System
4 – Out of my Life – Cyanide Regime
5 – Leere Räume (WORT – TON feat. Blutengel) – Blutengel
6 – Rescue Me (Iris Remix Edit) – Zynic
7 – The Twin Moons – Siva Six
8 – Keep Dancing – Ext!ze
9 – Hold Me (Vhelena Projekt rmx) – Devil-M
10 – Der Brigadier trinkt Bier! – Patenbrigade: Wolff
11 – Kill or be Killed – Dismantled
12 – A Spectral Threat (live) – Iszoloscope
13 – Feind Hoert Mit – Organic Cage
14 – Wumpelstilz – Wumpscut
15 – Oceans Wide – Bella Morte

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