The Confessional [EP.7]

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First off a HUGE thanks to Larry from Texas for his incredibly generous donation! Also a thanks to Todd and Sandra for their donations and continuing support of the show. Your donations keep this show going and support the underground scene as well. That said, big things are coming in 2012, so stay tuned!

Welcome to another episode of The Confessional. If you haven’t already, please like my facebook page @ and let me know what you think of this show and any others you have listened to. If you have any requests that would be a great place to leave them as well. Thanks, and as always stay beautiful inside and out!

1. Into The Dream The Rabbit Hole – In This Moment
2. Iron Bird – Na-Hag
3. Seven Veils* – Shidoshi
4. Love and the Veil (Ishq) – Niyaz
5. Tanta Pena – Juno Reactor
6. Whisper (TR23 Remix – Thomas Rainer) – The Last Dance
7. Love Under Pressure – Marsheaux
8. Pointless Memories (LP Version) – Monofader
9. Surrender – Angels And Agony
10. High Like The Angels (People Theatre’s Total Recall Remix) – Alpha Point
11. New Invasion – Damien Poll
12. We Stand In Hope – head-less
13. Running to You – Halo Effect
14. United States Of Credit* – Apoptygma Berzerk

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