Blackout in the Bat House [EP.23]

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 Blackout in the Bat House :23

(Dj. Ely Bat ) ------------------------ 1:Positive Noise- no more blood and soil 2:The Underrunners-Joyrider 3:Rule of Thirds- fingerprints 4:Play Dead- this side of heaven 5:kiss the Blade- the love I give 6:The Wake- rusted 7:Serene Fall: a bird 8:Specimen- hex 7' 9:Crashblack big Orange - Rhythms 10:Horror Vacuii-los espejos viven 11:Desenterradas- vinculos del mal 12:Pyhät Nuket-Hei Pieni Ihminen 13:Rebel Flesh-harvest 14:Lowlife-hollow gut 15:Sinking Ships - strangers 11198680_10206538040749551_1029054950_n

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