Dark Industrial Frequencies [EP.36]

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

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more shenanigans! we brought ms kazoo and lil joe! shout out to ms sherry from CAD, mr wingworm used your dj name (sorry!)


dj depraved
thyx – waiting for you
state of the union – descent
frozen plasma – crossroads (mental discipline remix)

dj infekktion
feindflug- kahle bedrohung
alien vampires-fuck off and die
suicide commando-traumatize

dj dantae’s prayer
iamx ghost of utopia
theatre of tragedy-machine ( vnv nation mix)
evils toy-virtual state

dj draggy
fgfc820 – doctrine
sin d.n.a. – hate is the law
centhron – dominator

dj depraved
chrom – in my world
frozen plasma – murderous trap
vicious alliance – right beside you (save me now mix)
imperative reaction – side effect
mental discipline – we are no machines (feat. tess)

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