Dark Industrial Frequencies [EP.56]

Sorry I don’t have the time to put together commentary! Hit the donate button and give us a good rating on iTunes. Enjoy a classic set, I was a bit tight on time to download, sort, and listen to much new music. There’s a couple of new tracks tossed in though!

1: Zeraphine – Rain Falls
2: AADF – Demongirl
3: Heimataerde – Dark Dance (Mainfloor)
4: Absurd Minds – Serve or Suffer
5: Ien Oblique – Drowning World
6: Evil’s Toy – Virtual State
7: De/Vision – Drifting Sideways (Radio Edit by T.O.Y.)
8: Hungry Lucy – To Kill a King (Oil 10 Mix)
9: Tenek – What Kind of Friend (Grayed Out Mix)
10: Zoon Politicon – Special Kind of Love (Old School Mix)


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