DJ Count’s Midnight Mass [EP 2]

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Midnight Mass is a monthly Goth/industrial podcast mixed byDJ Count. You will hear an infusion of atmosphere, ambiance, and a theme into each mix. Therefore, it is not just music, but an experience. The idea behind Midnight Mass is this; a gathering of all the black sheep, the rejected, the neglected. Conjoining together, “in black communion. Beneath the glow of the moon, and upon the graves of the dead.” This show is best enjoyed after sunset.

Episode 2 (Blood of the Immortals):
Description: For this episode of Midnight Mass, we enter unto a world of darkness. One that is consumed with lust for blood, where the immortals hold sway over the night. We will be serenaded by elegant melodies of ages past, traverse city streets where vampires, angels, and demons lie around every corner, and make our way through seedy nightclubs where the immortals feed. This show is best enjoyed after dark.
1 – Eternity (Cris and Cosey Remix) – Attrition
2 – Daemon – Reaper
3 – One Old Emotion – UnterArt
4 – Industrial Madness – Xotox
5 – X-Junkie (Distatix Remix) – Reaper
6 – Eternal Torture – Athamay
7 – Bloodsucker – Paralysed Age
8 – Final Prayer (Club Edit) – Infekktion
9 – Virtual Embrace – Virtual Embrace
10 – Bloody Pleasures – Blutengel
11 – Military Fashion Show (Club Hit) – And One
12 – Sent To Destroy – Combichrist
13 – Black Colours – Plastic

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