Episode 12 – Hypocrisy and Other News

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This month we are focusing on going in depth with various news articles related to the culture. We also have an album review from Angelspit, some listener feedback and other witty banter.

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Our guests this month:
-Skot from Leper who you can find on bandcamp and Grrr records.
-DJ Gomez who you can find on Angst Projekt.

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Pastel Goth – Article 1 Article 2 24:00

Goth Hypocrisy 33:55

New Cemetery Technology 1:08:25

OK Cupid Prejudice Experiment 1:20:40

Punk is Alive and Well in China 1:33:55


Quick News:

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Movie 1:45:49

The Mill at Calders End 1:51:25

Japanese Funeral Festival 1:52:40

Twin Peaks is Returning 1:55:00

A Sequel to The Labyrinth 2:01:50

Iggy Pop in a new Dario Argento film 2:04:15


Album Review: 2:06:00

Angelspit – The Product



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