Grave Dance [EP.4]

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1. Bleak- In Vain
2. Faith And The Muse- Nine Dragons
3. Virgine Dramatica- Strange Sense
4. Seraphim Shock- After Dark
5. Escena- Demencia
6. O. Children- Ruins
7. The Cold- Sommernight
8. The Chameleons UK- Up The Down Escalator
9. Mary Goes Round- On My Way Back Home
10. Baroque Bordello- From Your Eyes
11. Little Nemo- City Lights (13 Version)
12. Alien Sex Fiend- One Way Ticket
13. Scarlets Remains- Wholesale Murder
14. Death Formation- Red Room
15. Cancer Barrack- Letztes Gebet
16. Inkubus Sukkubus- Hammer Of Witches
17. Unto Ashes- Witches Rune

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