The Requiem Presents: DJ Aytakk

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All the way from Adelaide Australia, DJ Aytakk!

**All bands played are/were from Adelaide, Australia**

The Captains of Industry – East of Eden
Beltane – Fly To Thee
Brillig – Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder
Rusty Minge – I Like Spring
Corpulence on the Catwalk – Watch and Wait
Izera – Sick Machine
Glen and the Peanut Butter Men – Evil One
Ian Vaughan – Razorblade Hymen
Von Krieg – Greedy Whore
Scissor Pretty – Habit
Studio-X – You Will Never Get This
Dysmorphic – Angelus Ex Cloud Novem
GG Alan Bindig – Take My Hand
Mechanised Convulsions – Improper Construction

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