Cemetery Confessions 7 – Corporate Goth

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Sean and Jen

Welcome to Episode 7 – Corporate Goth

Email us: CemeteryConfessions@gmail.com

Wave Gotik Treffin

What Are We Drinking:

Madame Rose – Goose Island
Undercover Ale – Lagunita’s


Goth Guy Fashion
Coffin Therapy
News From Anne Rice
Goth and Self Harm
Is Goth Dead?

Album Review:

Vomito Negro – Black Sun

Philosophy Corner:

Corp Goth Links
What is Corp Goth

Sinister Suggestions:

Goth University
Harold and Maude

cemetery 1

One Response to “Cemetery Confessions 7 – Corporate Goth”

  1. Kristina says:

    I love listening to this podcast! Being a younger goth, everybody just thinks I’m going through a phase, but I know personally that this is who I am and I’m not going to change much at this point. This show inspires and encourages me to keep moving forward and enjoy what I’m doing. Knowing that you guys are elder goths and are still doing what you love, makes me feel like all the adults in my life where wrong! You have my forever eternal gratitude, so keep up the good work.