Dark Industrial Frequencies [EP.44]

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Happy New Year! So this month DJ Infekktion wasn’t around, he will return soon. That doesn’t mean that we aren’t delivering the best industrial, EBM, synthpop, and neogoth! Additionally we are bringing Mr. Kitty to San Antonio on January 31 at the Wax Lounge (2211 San Pedro, San Antonio, TX), 18+ will run $5 and 21+ is FREE! Also, check us out every Saturday at the Wax Lounge for our weekly Tanz Der Nacht. Give us a good rating on iTunes and go to www.therequiem.net and hit the donate button, the booze budget is kind of low…

DJ Depraved
Avarice in Audio – China White
Diversant:13 – Spit the Fire Out (Cygnosic Remix)
X-RX – All the Bitches (Like X-RX) (Edit)
L’Ame Immortelle – Eye of the Storm (Nitronoise Remix)

this is dj infekktion sitting for nick.
nick is giving draggy cpr…so here is
DJ Dante’s Prayer set
pride and fall – border
neuroticfish – silence
lights of euphoria – consequence(face yourself)
epsilon minus – through(all of your synthpop belongs to us)
more machine than man – stranger than fiction(razed in black mix)

DJ Depraved
De/Vision – Brothers in Arms (Radio Version)
Melotron – Stuck in the Mirror
Electro SPectre – Fashion
Electrovot – Find Me
Dreams Divide – Room With A View
Mental Discipline – Precious Paradise (Mind.In.A.Box Remix)

DJ Draggy
Patenbrigade: Wolff – Feind Hort Mit (B. Honeckers MfS Edit)
Soman – Skin Deep (Studio-X Remix)
Xperiment – The End Of An Era
Z Prochek – One Day (Vigilante Remix)
Zombie Girl – Sex (I’m A) [Berlin Cover]


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