Gothic Grab Bag 1 (For Day Walkers and Goths on the Go)

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Goth-on-the-Go. Yes that is supposed to be humorous. This series is not the same as my Club Mix series.
For this i am going to put together some songs that you are less likely to hear in clubs. Also, There should be a
greater variation of styles, from industrial to goth rock to ethereal and 80’s goth.
Some calssic tunes sprinkled in, and hopefully some you haven’t heard before.
And I’ll be throwing in some rare tracks and surprises along the way. This is more of a mix for when you are out and about during the day.

1 – The Sparrow and the Nightingales – Wolfsheim
2 – Happy Birthday – The Birthday Massacre
3 – Carrion – Engelmacher
4 – Opheliac – Emilie Autumn
5 – Recognition (feat. Daniel Myer) – The Parallel Project
6 – Carnal Knowledge – Headscan
7 – We Are – Din_fiv
8 – Razor Burn – The Awakening
9 – Megacolon – Fischerspooner
10 – Tanz Mit Laibach – Laibach
11 – When You’re Evil – Voltaire
12 – The Scream – Diary of Dreams
13 – Pandora
14 – Bonus

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