Grave Dance [EP.6]

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Thanks to Todd for his donation this week!

1. Nacht- Death Posture
2. Alien Sex Fiend- Depravity Lane
3. Sex Is Dead- Diciplina
4. Naughty Zombies- Naughty Zombies
5. Sex Gang Children- Barbarossa
6. Norma Loy- Belinda’s Dead Friend
7. Daucus Karota- The Stranger
8. Dracula Biscuits- Enter The Shadows
9. Sa-Shem- Suns Kiss Mothers
10. Mephisto Walz- Silent Thunder
11. And Also The Trees- So Is The Silence
12. The Garden Of Delight- Necromanteion
13. Principe Valiente- New Life
14. Mighty Sphincter- In The Kingdom Of Heaven
15. Rosa Crux- Stairs Antea

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