Grave Dance [EP.8]

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1. Dead Can Dance- Circumradiant Dawn
2. Claire Voyant- Love Is Blind
3. Dragons- Where Is The Love
4. Lux- Out Of Love
5. Autumn’s Grey Solace- In The Darkest Night
6. Dead Souls Rising- The Death Of Lovers
7. Die Laughing- Tangled
8. Passion Play- Leaving
9. The Ancestry- Primeval Grace
10. Squishy Squid- No More Love Songs
11. Deadchovsky- Mysterium Iniquatatis
12. The Low Frequency In The Stereo- Man Don’t Walk
13. Katzenjammer Kabarett- Lie Sucks Not
14. Sleeping Children- Love Sucks
15. Zoophagous Patient- Lonely Anger

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