Introspective (ICM 45)

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I’ve got a crap load of new music for you this week, also yet to be released tracks from Mesh, and Mind.In.A.Box.

1 – …And Let There Be Noise – G.A.N.M.
2 – Andraculoid [minaire Rmx] – Pneumatic Detach
3 – Faceless – Surgyn
4 – Silver Bullets (X-Fusion Remix) – In Strict Confidence
5 – TV War 2010 – Stahl Nebel & Black Selket
6 – Existence (VNV Nation Remix) – Project Pitchfork
7 – Herr Mannelig – Heimataerde
8 – Silent World – Destroid
9 – Fuer Immer – Unheilig
10 – A Silvered Freeze – The Synthetic Dream Foundation
11 – How Long (Full Duration Club) – Mesh
12 – I Love 64 – Mind.In.A.Box
13 – Fuck That I’m Human! – Santa Hates You
14 – Liberate me (feat. Chris Pohl) – Dolls of Pain
15 – Sometimes – X Divide
16 – This World Noyce

One Response to “Introspective (ICM 45)”

  1. Hey Count,

    you need to play this one on your show. Screw Crunchpod (they’re tools to me) with this one and add I am listening to the brand new Fashion Bomb CD and it’s up there with MASTER OF PUPPETS by METALLICA in terms of it being a masterpiece.

    You have to get it — hell I will get it for you so you can play it on the air. This one brings back to the time whe Circle of Dust was around (think Brainchild by Circle of Dust where they combined thrash metal with industrial programming. This Album combines Iron Maiden and Iced Earth style solos, double bass rumbling drums.)