Listener Request Mix

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This episode is a bit different than the normal faire around here. Listener Ron sent me some tracks he wanted to hear put into a mix, and I obliged.

This show is more trance/techno than normal so don’t be too suprised.

Normal programing will resume next week.

1 – Not Going Home (Eric Prydz Remix) – Faithless
2 – Rippin Kittin Globe Tenshion Dub Side B – Golden boy with Miss Kitten
3 – House of God 2k10 (Mark Simmons Remix) – DJ Falk
4 – Fukk Shitt – Club Punk
5 – Party Til We Die – Corporate Soldiers
6 – Busted (Miami Club Mix) – DJ Falk
7 – Death of Techno Stars – Mangadrive
8 – Set it Off (Radio Mix by Tobi Neumann) – Peaches
9 – Horrible Dream (Nightmare Accessory mix) – Ayria
10 – Sweet Kiss – Pzycho Bitch
11 – La La Land (original Mix) – Green Velvet
12 – Jack in – 3 Channels
13 – What Else Is There? – Royksopp

One Response to “Listener Request Mix”

  1. Andy Polemutter says:

    latest episode unable to download through Itunes. Wish very much to listen, could you try resubmitting the rss or something? possibly wave a chicken bone at it?

    thanks. take care and keep the shows comming