The Confessional [EP.2]

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Thanks to Todd for a donation this week! Your support is greatly appreciated!

Special thanks to the folks at Projekt Records, Monica Richards (and the Mercyground team) and Murderbait for the amazing samplings of music that were sent for this months show.

1. Feathered Skyline – Murderbait
2. Oreiades (excerpt from Kobolten “Subterrane”) – Monica Richards
3. Call of the Divine (excerpt) – Mark Seelig
4. Talking to Myself – Nadia Sohaei
5. Exile – Soil & Eclipse
6. Dead Disco Dancer (The Golden Filter Remix) – O Children
7. Radium-Lover – Paradoxx
8. Faces (WHS Remix) – Namnambulu
9. Behind (LP Version) – Monofader
10. Clear (People Theatre’s Bright Remix) – Janosch Moldau
11. Face the Fear – Pulcher Femina
12. The Crossing – Soulscape
13. Angels Only! (Above Mix) – Evils Toy
14. Promise – Marsheaux
15. A Little Respect (Jades Alliance ‘Electrospect’ Remix) – Erasure
16. Not In Love (Radio Version) [Feat. Robert Smith] – Crystal Castles and Robert Smith
17. Arp – Apoptygma Berzerk
18. Oh Beautiful Town – IAMX
19. Sea Talk – Zola Jesus
20. Against All Odds – Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud

3 Responses to “The Confessional [EP.2]”

  1. Vash says:

    Evening friend,
    Thought I’d stop by and comment on your podcast. This one in particular is haunting and thats exactly what I needed to kick off the new full moon rapidly approaching. Zune marketplace has yet to allow surveys or listener updates on their podcast’s much like iTunes, but I have been sending people your way as best I can. (not to mention Zune hasn’t updated your RSS feed yet either.).
    Happy hunting my friend, stay dark.


  2. Thanks so much. Feel free to stop by and like my facebook page.

  3. admin says:

    Hey Vash, The Rss should be fixed on the Zune marketplace now!