The (UnGoth) Confessional [EP.12]

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Welcome to the 12th official episode of The Confessional. This month I decided to take it a bit of a different direction. These one-off (Ungoth) Confessional episodes may spring up from time to time. This show features a theme in dynamics. There are many talented artists that I don’t think get enough exposure because there are few true music explorers yet.

Stop by my page and let me know your neat audio treasures!
Happy Birthday Laura!!!

1. Eyes Be Closed ~ Washed Out
2. Amazing (Thin White Duke Edit) ~ Seal
3. ARP ~ Apoptygma Berzerk
4. Sex And Mutilation ~ Android Lust
5. Blindness ~ Sleepwalk
6. Copper Manor ~ Valeskja Valcav
7. And We Disappear ~ Alterred
8. The Get Go ~ New Young Pony Club
9. Sci-Fi~ Bodysnatchers
10. Spinning My Wheels ~ Lovers In Transit
11. Stranger To The Eyes Of a Child-Man ~ The Republic Tigers
12. Tiger Lily (Breathe Mix) ~ Skylight
13. Another Song ~ Flag White
14. The Haunted Phonograph ~ Thoushaltnot
15. Lie with Me (2009) ~ murderbait
16. Myphilosophy ~ Inner

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