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Blackout in the Bat House [EP.18]

Monday, December 29th, 2014

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Blackout in the Bat House : Episode 18
Dj. Malediction

1: Lost Cherrees- blasphemy
2: The Wake- Nazarene
3: Totenwald-sex sells
4: Mescaline Babies-ashtray head
5: Frank The Baptist- ever
6: Christian Death- torch song
7: Fools Dance- they’ll never know
8: Bearz- darkest shadows
9: Mekrokiev – dentro
10:Wire-two people in a room
11:The Damned-nasty
12:Generacion Suicida-todo termina
13:Dead Roses Garden-sacred War
14:Veronica Lipgloss and the Evil Eyes-unicorn song
15:Dreadful Shadows-Chains
16:Le Phonographe-pire (demo)

DJ Gomez Christmas Special

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

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El Duende – Gaudete, Gaudete
Batzz In The Belfry – O Holy Night
Love Spirals Downwards – Welcome Christmas
Accolade – Walking in the Air
London After Midnight – The Christmas Song
Danny Elfman – Edward Scissorhands (Main Theme)
Autumn’s Gray Solace – Through the Snowy Trees
The Frozen Autumn – Winter (Reprise)
Atlantica Vox – The Greatest Gift
Diary Of Dreams – Winter souls
Type O Negative – Red Water (Christmas Mourning)
Leper – Away in a Manger
Amy Lee – Sally’s Song
Lycia – Snowdrop
Enya – And Winter Came

Dark Industrial Frequencies [EP.43]

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014

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So, this is our official end of 2014 podcast! I, DJ Depraved, at least, put together some of my favorite tracks from the year, so enjoy, check us out at the Wax Lounge Club in San Antonio Every Saturday and Tanz Der Nacht!

DJ Depraved
And One – Love is Always on Your Side
Ari Mason – Mortality
Frozen Plasma – Crazy (Radio Edit)
Joachim Witt – Ohne Dich

Dj Draggy
XMH – Great and Unfortunate Things
Chainreactor – Hostile Ground
Epsilon Minus – ANtigravity
Studio X vs. SImon Carter – Particles Of Love

dj dantes prayer
manufacture – passion for the future
the fair sex – not now not here
nitzer ebb – lightening man
skinny puppy – inquisition

dj infekktion
god destruction-im your god
santa hates you-rise
mindless faith-independence day
velvet acid christ-the hand

Final track is Day Behavior – Silent Dawn (Parralox Remix)

Dominion [ICM 121]

Friday, December 5th, 2014

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dj coun
1 – Insensitive World – Blutengel
2 – Glaube Liebe Hoffnung – Grausame Tochter
3 – Ugli – Skinny Puppy
4 – Deadface – W.A.S.T.E.
5 – Watch the Sunrise – Angelspit
6 – Memorandum – SITD
7 – Back to Life – Seelennacht
8 – Sleepwalking Societies – Avarice in Audio
9 – Back in Time – Mechanical Apfelsine
10 – The Quiet – Harmjoy
11 – Eye of the Storm – L’Ame Immortelle
12 – Almost Violent (Psyche Remix) – Rotersand
13 – The Truth – Junksista
14 – Tenacious Love – Qntal

Cemetery Confessions 13 – Gender Norms

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

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This month’s episode we talk about alternative models, vampire erotica, and historical goths. We review the new Golden Apes album, and for our philosophy corner we discuss gender norms and ideals of beauty within goth culture.

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Our Guests:
Black Friday who’s wonderful videos you can find on YouTube.
-Mister Owl who you can find on tumblr.

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House Candidate Writes Vampire Erotica 9:45

Alternative Model Crowned 18:30

History’s Greatest Goths 30:50

Quick News:

Crimson Peak 49:15

Day Men  56:00


Album Review:

Golden Apes – The Langsyne Litanies 57:15


Philosophy Corner: 1:13:45

This month we discuss gender norms, and ideals of beauty as it relates to weight, femininity, and discrimination.

book #1
book #2
book #3
site #1
site #2
site #3
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site #5

View my full gender norms writeup here.