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Gothic Grab Bag 9

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

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What better way to end the month than with a new Gothic Grab Bag! If you’re looking for a smattering of underground styles, you’ve come to the right place. No 2 Grab Bag episodes are the same and this time ’round it’s quite the dark delight. If it’s electro beats your crave, stay tuned for next week!

1 – Sato-Sato – DAF
2 – Funeral Diner – Wumpscut
3 – Bastard Angel – Spiritual Front
4 -Dein Herz – L’Ame Immortelle
5 – She’s Nirvana – Xandria
6 – скорбный бал (The Sorrowful Ball) – Dark Princess
7 – Dr. Online (Rico Remix) – Zeromancer
8 – Anatomy – Combichrist
9 – This is a Missile – Mommy Hurt My Head
10 – Time is Coming…Insurrection (by Darkmen) – Singal Aout 42
11 – New Breed – Ionic Vision
12 – Lobotomy [Exit Version] – Dolls of Pain
13 – When we go Dark – Faith and the Muse
14 – This is Violet – Veil Veil Vanish
15 – Blood – The Kick
16 – Alea Iacta Est – Andraste
17 – Tusk – Collide
18 – Rotten Zurich Cafe – Black Tape for a Blue Girl
19 – Polar Plateau (No Gravity Mix) – The Frozen Autumn
20 – Trust Me – Zola Jesus

The Human Dilema (ICM 48)

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

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This week: Unreleased tracks from IAMX, System Syn, Menschdefekt, and Funker Vogt.

1 – Salmo XXIII – Truppenterror
2 – Mutter Bitte (Alien Produkt Remix) – Die Braut
3 – Distorted Life (Supreme Court RMX) – Inline.Sex.Terror
4 – You Can Be Happy (Combichrist Remix) – IAMX
5 – The Inconvenient – System Syn
6 – Serve or Suffer – Absurd Minds
7 – True Life (VNV Nation Remix) – Lights of Euphoria
8 – Shut Down Everything (Cervello Elettronico Remix) – Captive Six
9 – Plague (The Human Parasite) – Menschdefekt
10 – I Can’t Be The One (DYM Mix) – Unter Null
11 – See my Hate (Fgfc820 Remix) – C-Lekktor
12 – Laeis 7th Passage – Aliceffekt
13 – Strike – Combichrist
14 – Meat Market Carnivore – Caustic
15 – Red Queen (Remixed by the White Rabbit) – Funker Vogt

Incommensurate (ICM 47)

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

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1 – Obligatory Club Hit to Appease the Masses – Unter Null
2 – Hellektro Girl – Inline.Sex.Terror
3 – Time to Die – Xiescive
4 – Thrill – Hystakmine
5 – Children of Decay (Northborne Mix) – FGFC820
6 – You Make me Wanna Bang my Head Agains the Wall and Not in a Good Way – Santa Hates You
7 – Boneshaker Baybe (Video Edit) – Wumpscut
8 – Dancing in the Dark (Cryogen Second Remix) – State of the Union
9 – Pong (Terrorfrequenz Remix) – Eisenfunk
10 – Das Mandat – Schwarzblut
11 – Auf Dem See (Serpentine Mix) – The Synthetic Dream Foundation
12 – Inferno (Hotter Than Hell Mix) – Ego Likeness
13 – I Surrender (Controlled Fusion Remix) – In Strict Confidence
14 – Time to Be Alive – DE/VISION
15 – The Magic in my Heart is Dead – God Module

The Unspoken (ICM 46)

Friday, April 9th, 2010

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After nearly a month it seems everything is back up and running!!

HUGE THANKS to Kristina and Monica for some very generous donations. This podcast is made possible by people like you, thanks for the support!
Also, a big thank you to Club Poison for the wonderful iTunes review. I plan to add this to the website in the near future!

1 – Spooky (God Mod Devil Dance Mix) – God Module
2 – Broken Heart Cliche HEX RX Remix) – Unter Null
3 – The Stranger – Surgyn
4 – Sweet Hard Revenge (Endzeit Mix) [feat. leather Strip] – Psy’Aviah
5 – Body Flow (Cervello Elettronico Remix) – Interface
6 – Scarred (Club Mix) – Combichrist
7 – I’m a Monster – Terminal Choice
8 – Abwaerts – Unheilig
9 – Lucretia My Reflection (featuring SVEN FRIEDRICH) – Destroid
10 – Stop, Drop & Roll feat. XINA – Squarehead
11 – Going Nowhere – Access Zero
12 – Here’s to you (Interface Remix) – System Syn
13 – hla (Hideous Heart) – Diorama
14 – mAndroids – DE/VISION
15 – We’re All in this Togethere (Edit) – Snog

Straight From the Crypt

Friday, April 9th, 2010

The podcast version of The Requiem was born Feb. 21, 2008, and has been pumping out black magic mixes ever since. The purpose of this post is to pluck out the finest gems from the vast sea of episodes and chronicle them here. While the thought of going back and listening to past episodes may seem daunting (though worth it), I believe this is a great place to start. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and not all the hidden gems are shown here, to find them, you must seek them out.

The following list (chronological order) is based on feedback from listeners, and The Count’s personal preferences.
Welcome to the Shadows!

Industrial Club Mix 4:
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While all the classic episodes (anything from 2008) hold a very special place in my heart, and represent a musically unique period of The Requiem’s history, mix #4 was my first 2 hour mix and also a turning point in my career. While the sound quality on this episode is less than desirable, it was very danceable, and caught they eye of a fellow DJ. This was the episode that allowed me the opportunity to have my own show on Faction 6 (see bellow) and to play to over 177,000 listeners.

The Descent:
Download Here
This was Episode 4 of my show Midnight Mass on Faction 6, and by far the most dramatic, mind numbing mix I’ve created. While this mix may have been a bit ambitious for me at the time, (there are several changes I would have made to truly have a masterpiece) this mix will leave you shaking!

The following was the original description:

For this episode of Midnight Mass, we embark on a journey into the most secretive and depraved underworlds of society. I will lead you from the glorious heights of the human race (EBM/Future pop) into a gradual downward spiral through pain and desolation (Helektro/Terror EBM) until our final destination, the abyss. (Noize/total chaos)

The Gothic Gentleman
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The Gothic Gentleman series aims to show the elegant side of Goth. While bleak and decadent, the more sophisticated Goths have a softer more romantic side to us as well.

Darkest Desires:
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While this episode was billed as an example of what separates the Requiem from other Industrial podcasts, it was far more than that. This was my tribute to a game that had consumed months and months of my life, and one I still live, and yearn for. Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, was my first initiation into the ‘World of Darkness’ a place I longed to live and stay for eternity. The very podcast as a whole, was meant as a tribute to Vampire the Masquerade. The Requiem was meant to be Elysium of The Count, my little corner of the world of darkness. While I have never been directly connected to the VtM community, this podcast was the artistic Toreador in me offering a sanctuary to those who consider themselves kindred.

Many of the songs in this mix were taken from the game, and it continues to get played on my iPod. I even included a poem dedicated to that magical place.

Victorian Vampire: An Age of Elegance:
Download here
With this episode I strove to capture my gentlemanly side. Will I do not get to enjoy Classical and Opera music as often as I would like, it is still a part of my life. As any sophisticated vampire would know, this mix is euphoric.

The Night’s Embrace:
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My first foray into a fully medieval and ethereal mix. I had toyed around with it before, but this mix turned out to be quite magical.

Oh My Goth!
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If The Requiem is anything, it’s Goth. Yes a large part of it could be called rivet, cyber, etc. I am and always will be goth. With this series of episodes, I set out to capture the essence of what I consider to be true Goth, in the musical sense(though the New Wave Wet Dream series was close). While there was a second episode, this was my favorite and still gets play time in my car.

A Vampire Romance:
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This Mix means more to me than anyone knows. The playlist for this episode was only slightly tweaked from a pre-existing playlist I’d had for several years. Originally created in memory of a former lover, I decided it had sat lonely and decaying long enough. As I put the final version of this together, it truly became something beautiful, a ballad for the dark romantics, an audible expression of our black love. This episode continues to swoon hearts and enhance the nights embrace even today. A moment of history frozen in time.

All Hallows Eve
Each Halloween you can expect the spookiest, danciest club mix you’ve ever heard. These epic mixes have received quite the buzz and are absolutely worth your time, especially if, for you, everyday is halloween:

All Hallows Eve 1

All Hallows Eve 2

All Hallows Eve 3

All Hallows Eve 4

All Hallows Eve 5

A Black Christmas
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Ever had a Goth Christmas? Well now you can! When the snow starts to fall, tune your headphones into this episode.

Honorable Mentions:

Faction 6:
Faction 6 was a unique podcast which boasted several DJ’s each spinning their own underground niche, and over 177,000 subscribers. I was lucky enough to be added to this podcast, though near the end of it’s life. The following are the 4 episodes (1 per month) that made it to air (I have several more that were never posted, though they may see the light of day eventually):

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Single Band Episodes:
Some bands are so incredible they deserve their own episode. This is an ongoing process, however so far these are the shows I’ve completed:

VNV Nation


Deine Lakaien

Gothic Grab Bag:
Originally know as Goth on the Go, imagine you have the gothiest iTunes library in the world, then you push shuffle. It’s kind of like that.

Check Them Out

The Darkside of Romance:
This episode is the spiritual spawn of the Vampire Romance episode so to speak. It’s a very dark yet romantic episode, and one of my favorites.

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requiem 2

Podcast Delayed

Friday, April 9th, 2010

PODCAST DELAYED: Drum roll please…….We are finally back and fully functioning!!! The only caveat is to continue getting weekly episodes you will need to head to the iTunes store and Re-Subscribe: here With the new server comes some new perks so I’ll be listing them bellow:

-The Requiem will finally have album art displayed for each show!

-Future episodes will be higher quality than previous ones.

-Those listening on their iPhone will now have a playlist appear on screen.

-While old episodes are no longer displayed in iTunes, all previous episodes will remain archived on the website for streaming and download.

-Finally, this will be adding a $25 monthly bill for the show bringing the monthly total to around $35 (not including music purchases). So please feel free to donate and help keep the show running.

Album Picks for April

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

Album Picks of the Month (April):
Goth on a budget? Get the best bang for your buck!